ZAINAB (a.s.) organization of greater seattle, based in the state of washingtion, usa, is a federally registered, usa tax-exempt, non-profit organization committed to educating the people about the teachings of the “pure muhammadan (s) islam” through prayers, khutbahs, duaas, educational and cultural programs.

the organization also runs a ZAINAB (a.s.) school on sundays for the community of greater seattle.
other services includes social, matrimonial and funeral services etc.

our great lady AALIMATU GHAYRU MU’ALLAMAH, AQEELATU BANI HASHIM, as-SAYYEDAH ZAINAB (a.s.) was the grand daughter of the seal of the prophets and the greatest of all the messengers, the habeebullah, the beloved, praised and holy, the first creation of Allah, an-noor ul-awwal, prophet muhammad bin abdullah bin abd ul-muttalib bin hashim (saawaw) and the daughter of ameer ul-mumineen, imam ul-muttaqeen, sayyid ul-awsiaa, batal ul-abtaal, ghaalibu kulli ghaalib, asadullah, aynullah, lisanullah, wajhullah, ali ibn abi talib (a.s.) and the leader of all the noble ladies of the paradise, of the earlier and the later generations, as-siddiqat ul-kubra, fatimat uz-zahraa (a.s.) al-batool al-azraa.
her remarkable life, unparralled ma’refatullah, unforgettable speeches and unsurpassable services proclaimed to the world, the sacrifices of sayyed us-shuhadaa imam husayn bin ali (a.s.) and other members of the progeny of the holy prophet (saawaw) in karbalaa in the year 61 hejrah, for the cause of islam, quraan and it’s great uncompromisable values.

had it not been for her, the tragedy of karbalaa would have faded into oblivion.
her irfaan, tawakkul, taqwa, zuhd, shahamat, karamat, shuja’at, sabr, isteqamat, wara’, ridhaa, ikhlaas, eemaan, courage, resilience, steadfastness, patience, forbearance and submission to the Almighty Allah (s), are all second to none, and shall continue to inspire all people of conscience, dignity and reason who will learn her story, for all times to come, today, tommorrow and forever.

named after our great lady as-SAYYEDAH ZAINAB (a.s.), the ZAINAB (a.s.) organization of greater seattle wishes to disseminate her message to all peoples, both muslims and non-muslims, regardless of their creed, color, caste, country, culture, customs or clothes.

those who have been martyred for the sake of God’s noble cause of islam and humanity in the history, have followed the footsteps of imam husayn (a.s.), and those who are left behind, gotta follow the footsteps of our great lady as-SAYYEDAH ZAINAB (a.s.).