general outline of the tasks assigned to different committees
please contact us if you are interested in providing services to, or interested in receiving services of one of the committees.

program committee
to organize and conduct islamic programs, throughout the year on all appropriate occasions, for example, birthdays of ma’soomeen, eid and other islamic occasions etc.

school committee
to organize and conduct the islamic classes for the younger generation.
also responsible to plan for a full-time ZAINAB islamic school building when possible.

library committee
to form a competitive islamic library including dvds, cds, books, magazines and softwares.
to contact existing organizations (libraries and publishers) to encourage them to carry correct and quality materials on islam.

treasury committee
to keep track of every cent of the organization’s earnings and expenditures.
to present account information to the organization regularly.

funeral committee
to help brothers and sisters learn how to provide the funeral services.