ZAINAB school offers islamic education classes on sundays, for all the children of the community in greater seattle area.

the classes are held on sundays according to the quarterly calendar from

10:00 am to 1:30 pm

we are located at:

ZAINAB school
5723 198th st sw
lynnwood, wa 98036, us

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we offer the following subjects for each of the levels (classes) at ZAINAB school:

holy quraan recitation:
children are taught to read and recite the holy quraan correctly in a methodical way.

we emphasize correct pronunciation of letters and recitation along with a brief explanation of the various chapters.

islamic history:
the history of prophets saawaw and holy imams a.s. is taught to students in a manner that shows the actual true excellence of these personalities in all aspect of their life.

the emphasis is on learning history along with using the holy prophet saawaw and holy imams a.s. as role models.

islamic laws and ethics (fiqh and akhlaq):
children are taught the laws islam (fiqh) along with ethical and appropriate behavior according to islamic teaching through holy quraan and ahl ul-bayt a.s. (the household of Holy prophet).

teachers emphasize the implications of the learned rules and regulation in addition to teaching the actual rules and regulation.

the students also establish salat uz-zuhrayn in jama’at (prayers in congregation) under the supervision of teachers.

students also enjoy a brief break period for snack and food during their time at ZAINAB school.

in addition to the above mentioned formal classes, ZAINAB school recognizes the importance of active learning by engaging the children in projects that enhances their Islamic education through teamwork, creativity, and sense of ownership.

under supervision of their teachers, children work closely together to understand historical events such as karbalaa through karbalaa model project.


while we strongly urge parents to register their children prior to start of each quarter (see calendar), we welcome students who may have moved into seattle area in the middle of the year and those who have not been aware of the existence of the school.

please email us at for additional information or to request school registration form.